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Solar Panel Bird Proofing in South London

Birds used to nest high in the urban landscape of commercial structures a few years back. However, our experts providing solar panel bird proofing in South London exclaim that they’ve now started occupying the roofs of our homes in alarming numbers. With excess food available in local parks, schools, and commercial areas, they don’t have to travel far to city centers or fly high to reach their nests.
They have found that domestic solar panels provide the perfect sanctuary to nest and reproduce. The panels not only provide shelter from extreme temperatures, rain, and snow, but it even keeps them out of sight of predators.
Unfortunately, birds like pigeons and sparrows nesting under your solar panel system not only pose damage to the panels only but also damages the roof, block your gutter, and create leaks quite easily. Hence, every owner experiencing this issue must hire our affordable and reliable solar panel bird proofing in South London.
To protect infestation underneath the panels, a stainless-steel mesh is installed using specialized clips, averting access under solar panels. Our solar panel bird proofing in South London comes with a 10-year warranty, assuring less roof maintenance over the years and extended durability.
We have specialized staff to measure the dimensions and install protective mesh around the panels without damaging anything. The overlapping mesh is protected by UV grade zip ties for maximum rigidity as well.
On arrival, we will inspect the roof for any infestation and clear it before proceeding. We have traps to capture birds without harm and will release them out in the open. We will also clear nests and repair minor damages, so you don’t have to disassemble the mesh anytime soon. Our service pricing includes the material cost as well.