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Rat and Mice Treatment in South London

It’s certainly distressing to find rats on your property. These critters, in their quest for food and shelter, transmit severe illnesses, damage in your kitchens, and mess up the food storage areas. Mice can damage insulation, nibble wires, puncture walls, and even chew on your clothing. They even reproduce throughout the year, exponentially escalating their numbers, leading to an infestation.
According to experts performing, controlling a mouse infestation is the first step towards a successful rat and mice treatment in South London. It includes finding the pathways, clearing priority areas like bedrooms and kitchen, and disinfecting them. It will kill the pathogens from their urine & feces to prevent dangerous diseases like Hantavirus and Salmonellosis.
Our rat and mice treatment in South London is accredited by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA). And our team is qualified to the highest standards of pest control services, providing fast, reliable, and durable solutions.
Every professional mouse extermination begins with baiting and trapping. It allows us to predict an estimated count of critters on property. The baits they consume both kill their fertility and induce a nervous breakdown to end, decimating their numbers.
Controlling these invasions may not be on top of a domestic essential’s list, but it certainly is for business owners. A hotel cannot afford to let their customer face such an inconvenience. It can have a detrimental impact on brand image, consumer reviews, employee productivity, and organizational performance, eventually declining sales and earnings.
To spare the mess, hire our rat and mice treatment in South London. We are affordable, professional, and sure to provide results. Our company even offers a 6-month pest prevention guarantee.