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Covid-19 Antiviral Disinfectant Spray Treatment in South London

We all are aware of the fact that viruses and other germs can live on surfaces for a long time. Harmful viruses can live for days on some surfaces if not disinfected properly, making it very difficult to clear them off from surfaces.
The time for an active COVID-19 virus to live on different surfaces includes 3 hours in the air, 24 hours on cardboard, 4 hours on copper, 72 hours or even more on plastic, and 48 hours on steel. However, with our state-of-the-art Covid-19 antiviral disinfectant spray treatment in South London, anyone can enjoy viral free premises for long.
The reason why people get sick while being in their houses is that most of them confuse disinfecting with cleaning. They both are separate procedures. Cleaning is when you wipe away visible dust, stains, and spills to make it look tidier. But even after cleaning, chances are that some viruses still prevail on those surfaces.
As they cannot be seen with a naked eye, no one would know if they’re gone or not. The better option is to clean all the surfaces using our Covid-19 antiviral disinfectant spray treatment in South London, achieving 100% extermination against harmful viruses and bacteria.
Our Covid-19 antiviral disinfectant spray treatment in South London uses safe ethanol-based cleaners that vaporize swiftly, assuring zero harm to inhibitors. The products are potent against general pests like bed bugs, ticks, cockroaches, and even mice for their strong smell.
Our professional staff makes sure to disinfect areas that are most prone to catching viruses like door handles, stair railing, lift switches, light switches, remote controls, toilet, desk and chairs, taps, telephones, mobile devices, and even computers.
Once the process is completed, you’ll have perfectly clean and scented spaces to live and work. Rest assured! We clean properties, not your pockets.